Khamis, November 27

PUT YOUR TRUST ON ALLAH..thanks Sahabat..

At first I come to taylors, only one girls I know..
i am not close with her..we just knowing each other
through YM..but the things that make me contact
her before I came to taylors because we came from
the same type of school..and I really2 respect her..
as she is KISASIAN..hehe..first time I saw her, when
i attend a camp after SPM..she really make me impressed
with her..her calmness, her confident..and many more..

After a year, every single problems I share with her..
by knowing that she is the one who always give her best
for me..her advise will make me think positive for every
problems that I have go through..and we always cry
together when we feel that you and me are the people
that Allah has give a responsible to change TAYLORS..
is not about taylors actually but the muslim there..its a
huge responsible to make all the muslim in here, realize
their duty as khalifah Allah..its not easy..almost every
time, when my friend and I met, we will hug and crying..

She sacrifice her time..come along to RIDZUAN…if she
know that I need her..if she know that I am alone..cause
she know that I always keep all the things, all the problem
and hard to share with other people except certain people
that I close to..

But one day (its after second semester break), I met your
housemate, and ask about you..cause I feel that I have
MISS something..she like keep something from me..i beg
to her to tell me what it is..cause I can feel that the news
is important..its all about you..and I have to know..finally,
she tell me..

You get other scholarship and you want to further your
study to Mesir and you want to quit from your current
scholarship..i smile..thanks..and what I said to her
housemate, as her friend we have to support her..

When I arrive at my home..My mind stop to think,I try
hard not to cry…I know, whatever you decision, as your
friend, I need to support you…I know if I am not there
to support you..who else??

Its hard..but I want the best for what you have
done for me for a year…you have done a lot for me, my
dear..asif jiddan..i am sorry to always bothering you..
make you always worried about me..

The one things that I cannot are good in keep
your day, I dunno why..but I realize that only
me, the one who keep telling you about my problems, crying
in front of you..but I forget something..its hard to hear from
you, your problems and I insist you to tell me about your life..

Your story make me cry..touched about your story..beyond
your calmness, beyond your strength..beyond your smile,
you hold huge secret..that I never know..and never bother
to know..i m so sorry…I am busy to tell you about my
troubles and never bored to hear your advice..until I forget
about important things, I forget you my friend..asif..that day,
I again crying..but now, I m not crying about my problems..

I cry because I am angry with my attitude..i hate myself a friend..i never learn to be a good friends..
i am sorry sahabat..

You hug tell me that this is not my say that
its all had already accept it as a fact and that’s
the reason you dont want to tell me about ask me
not to cry because you don’t want to you know that
Allah has choose you to go through your hard life cause you
are the one who are stronger enough than also
persuade me that Allah has give us variety of characteristic..
and I have my own advantages…

I am crying on your shoulder
..thanks..for every moment that you have spend for me..for
every single that you have tell me and make me become
stronger..i will never forget all the thing that you have given
to make me learn about the meaning of strong, patient
and REDHA..i have learn from you how to put our trust on ALLAH..

Put your trust on ALLAH..cause ALLAH will give THE BEST
for you..HE always there to hear your DOA’..thus, never forget
to pray…cause it can heal you for any harm..believe me??