Selasa, November 25

SOLDIER OF ALLAH..are you ready???

In the name of Allah, the most gracious ant the most merciful.. I m on behalf your slave ( O Allah), I m write something about life is easy.. I born as a muslim..but somehow, I m again thinkng about to be a good muslim, I have to know what I want to achieve in this short period of time..the time will come(DEATH)..the time that I cannot do anything for me myself and to my religion ISLAM..before the time is come, I have to do something that beneficial for me and all muslim over the world..

stand up mujahidah!! You have to wake up..wake, stand and planned with organized will be the good and excellent muslimah..believe me??

To All my friends

Sometimes we think that our journey is hard when we become we learn more about life, we seem to feel that life is really unpredictable..but hold this tight in your heart..we are nothing without ISLAM..however..

( we are all aljundi for ALLAH, lets committee to HIM,ALLAHUAKBAR!!)


ASIF JIDDAN..please forgive me, ALLAH..because sometimes, when I feel I am alone, I felt..i cannot stand alone..i dun have the strange to continue the duty that You have given to me..asif ya Allah..after a long time, I decide to come back,please make me tough to go through all the problems, to solve all the things that hard to be understand..please make me accept all the fact that you have equipped
for me..please ALLAH, create Your love in my heart..thus, one time when love is needed for my sahabah, for my husband, my children and my family, the love is contained with my greatest love for you, ALLAH..

(preserved my love for You until I meet You in JANNAH..eternal love..)

To Me Myself..

Remember your promised..ALLAH, my life is just for ALLAH..perhaps, my life is for ISLAM..i know that I have thousand of kekhilafan..until today, I do a lot of mistakes..i do nothing for ISLAM..

Please farhanah, stand up, find urself want to be mujahidah solehah..and you have to dare for it..the payment for JANNAH is will not able to pay unless you contribute you yourself to be jundi for ALLAH..(allow me to seek ur forgiveness, ALLAH)forgime me, forgive each wrong doing that I have done..

My principal, even n forever insha-ALLAH


(Help ALLAH and the deen, ISLAM and ALLAH will there to help you)

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