Rabu, November 26


At taylors, I saw many things, I learn about the real life
that I have go through..sometimes, I feel sick..sick to
see the girls and guys who admit that they are muslim
but never practices the deen itself..
wearing a veil but
still hold the guys hand..
guys that can elaborate islam
in best ways but cannot practice it..I
feel sick surrounded
by those people..

To be the daiee for my deen, I try to be patient.
.i know that its hard to make all those people love
islam n make them to get islam as the way of their
and after the discussion with my best friend
(the first shbt that I got in taylors)..we agreed to
start with da’wah bilhal ( da’wah with our actions
and good akhlak)..
i try to respect all my teachers,
eventhough I know I am too quiet in class (cause
I know I have low self confident)

I know, the respect that I give them, give big impact
to them..some of my teachers will respect me as a
they not underestimated me and try to give
their best to help me in my studying..
thanks for all
my teachers..may ALLAH bless you..my pray always
there for you all

But, the day that I never thought come..on Monday..
I am fasting on that day..i come early to my clas..
i pray hard and ask from Allah to make all my works goes
smoothly..first period is my ESL subject..
my teacher come and give a good news to us..
hehe..he will not going to teach today and we can watch a video..
all students become excited..including me.
.’what a good day,start with watcing a video!!’
I start to tidy up my table..to focus on the video..

The video started..it just nice.starting..starts with the
cute children call her mom and dad..but..

5 minutes later, I feel uneasy..the video makes me sick..
make me feel ashamed to be there..
15girls and 15guys in my class..i dunno what they think
when all the XX scene is played in front of us..i am fasting.
.i am headache..i just close my eyes..hope that all this will
over..hope that XXX
scene is just for a while..

But its not!!the sound make me feel want to vomit..
for first time, I be a rude student by going out from my
class without teacher’s permission..
I am sorry ALLAH..i am confused..whether I do the right
thing or not..i know that the teacher will feel irrespected by
me..but I dunt have a choice..i have to go..i cannot breath
in that class..i need a space..i m sorry teacher..

I am very sorry..i have to do that..i have my own principe..
I try hard to respect all my teachers..but when my principal,
my deen is being pledge..i have to hold my dignity..i love my
deen..i love my iman..i am sorry to be rude on that day..cause
I know that is the best way for me to take care of my iman..

i am sorry teacher..may ALLAH bless you

Hope that is the best resolution that I had take..

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